Department History - Departmental Chairs

Dr. Gary J. Bassell, PhD (2015 - current)

gary Bassell

In 2015, Gary J. Bassell, PhD, was appointed chair of the Department of Cell Biology in Emory University School of Medicine. Bassell joined the Emory faculty in 2005 and has been professor in the Departments of Cell Biology and Neurology since 2009. His laboratory focuses on how messenger RNA is transported and regulated within neurons, how those processes are disrupted in neurological diseases, and potential therapeutic strategies. Read More

Dr. Winfield S. Sale, PhD (2010 - 2015)

Dr. Winfield SaleWinfield Sale, PhD. led the Department of Cell Biology from 2010 to 2015. He has been a paragon of excellence in his scientific research, mentoring and teaching, and his service to the University and scientific community. Dr. Sale has been a pioneer in the field dedicated to understanding how cilia and flagella work. These structures are thin, whip-like projections of cells that generate force to either propel motile cells (such as sperm) or to move fluid (as in human airway). Read More

Dr. Barry D. Shur, PhD (1996 - 2010)

Dr. Barry Shur

Barry D. Shur, PhD, was Chair of the Department of Cell Biology from 1996-2010 during which he led the department through a time of remarkable change and growth.  A native of New Jersey, Barry attended Marietta College in Ohio where he earned a B.S in Biology with honors.  As a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University with Dr. Stephen Roth, he began the study of carbohydrates and glycosyltransferases and their roles in cell-cell interactions during fertilization and development that would continue throughout his scientific career. Read More

Dr. Jerome Sutin, PhD (1966 - 1996)

Dr. Jerome SutinJerome Sutin obtained his PhD degree from the University of Minnesota. After doing postdoctoral training in the Department of Anatomy at the University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles and at the University College, London, he moved to Yale University, where he was appointed an Instructor in Anatomy. He progressed through the academic ranks at Yale, becoming an Assistant Professor and then an Associate Professor, before accepting the Chair of the Department of Anatomy at Emory University in Atlanta in 1966, at the relatively young age of thirty-six. Read More